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If you think the physical book and paper is a thing of the past,
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Free eBook sites:
Fiction.Us - free on-line fiction, including classics
Free kids' e-books - downloadable PDF files
Free e-books.net - free ebooks
Free Basic English Grammar ebook - free grammar textbook pdf from Daily 
Writing Tips
Great NZ e-books - from Digital Publishing
International Childen's Digital Library - free ebooks for children
Many books - free ebooks
National Geographic Young Explorer - free on-line magazine for kids
NZ Electronic Text Collection - free ebooks from Victoria University
NZ Titles on Project Gutenberg - free NZ e-books
Ocean Books - ebooks from a consortium of NZ authors
Open Culture - 375 free ebook
Professor Garfield's Toon Books - really fun cartoon-style free ebooks.  
Create your own cartoons too!
Project Gutenberg - over 30,000 free ebooks
Storyline Online - free children's ebooks from the Screen Actors Guild Foundation
We Tell Stories - Six authors, six stories, six weeks - digital fiction from