Author: Bryan Talbot Genre: , , ,
A Victorian anthropomorphic thriller.
Graphic fiction is reaching new bounds 
with the third instalment of the 
Grandville series.

Grandville Bete Noir is an awesomely 
illustrated, full-colour hardback 
depicting the exploits of Detective 
Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yardand 
his faithful adjunct, 
Detective Sargent Ratzias they try to 
uncover the baffling murder of a famed 
Parisian artist in his locked and guarded 

The tenacious detectives throw themselves 
into the cut-throat Grandville art scene 
to track the mysterious assassin. As the 
body count mounts and events spiral out of control, the investigation points to 
Toad Hall, where a cabal of industrialists and fat cats plot the overthrow of 
the French State by use of steam-driven automaton soldiers.

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Grandville Bete Noire signals the welcome return of master storyteller and 
graphic novel pioneer Bryan Talbot to his Eisner and Hugo award nominated steampunk 
detective series. BM

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