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English Graphic is a book of 
essays on the subject of illustration, 
with the focus entirely on English 
artists using graphic media; drawings, 
prints and watercolours. The pieces are 
largely drawn from Tom Lubbock’s weekly 
Great Works column for the Independent, 
with some longer pieces originally 
published as reviews or catalogue 
essays. The historical span of the 
book is broad – from the Uffington 
White Horse to the Winchester Psalter 

Hellmouth to Harry Beck’s London 
Underground Map and beyond. The high 
point of English Graphic art in the 
late eighteenth and early nineteenth 
century makes up the heart of the book, with Fuseli, Blake, Bewick and Palmer 
all the subject of extended essays. The fifty or so images range from the 
visionary to the empirical, from folk art to caricature. Connecting and 
overlapping ideas on line and shape run through the book; maps, islands, 
clouds, swarms, wombs, skins, dots, contours and boundaries. Energetic, 
coherent and strange, English Graphic presents an electrical storm of ideas 
and illuminations provocatively argued by one of our most brilliant writers on 

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