Author: Geoff Johns, Barry Frank & Bob Kane Genre: ,

Brilliantly illustrated – Batman. Earth One takes
the Batman story to new heights.

Bruce Wayne is the eight-year-old son of
Dr. Thomas Wayne, a mayoral candidate
for Gotham City, and Martha Arkham-Wayne.
After receiving death threats, Thomas contacts
his friend Alfred Pennyworth to become the
head of security at Wayne Manor.

During an outing with his father, Bruce is
taken hostage by a mugger. He demands that
the Waynes pay a ransom for the return of
their son and attempts to remove Martha’s
pearl necklace. Thomas tries to intervene and
the criminal shoots them both in front of Bruce.
Following Bruce’s return to Wayne Manor,
Alfred learns that he has been named as Bruce’s
legal guardian by the Wayne parents in the event
of their absence. Alfred agrees and presents
himself to Bruce as his butler.

Batman. Earth One is the second original graphic novel to be announced by DC Comics
as part of the Earth One line of graphic novels established in 2009.

It follows the 2010 release of Superman. Earth One, marking the first
collaboration between writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank on a Batman story. [Wikipedia]


What is your favourite Batman graphic novel? Who is the best Batman in the film franchise?




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